Mary Lilly Society


Mrs. Mary Lilly was a widow living in the heart of Elyria when, in 1896, she founded our organization upon her observation that widows of the area were living in uncomfortable circumstances. Renting a large house in downtown Elyria, she invited 12 ladies to share accommodations, forming our earliest beginnings as “The Old Ladies Home”, as she called it.mary-lilly-society

Mrs. Lilly used all her own resources to make sure expenses were met, and encouraged the philanthropic support of the community. It is in her honor, and in recognition of her vision and foresight, that we’ve named our planned giving society.

Today, those who make a planned gift continue the charitable vision of Mary Lilly and successive generations through their legacy to ensure the future of high-quality, compassionate care in years to come. Membership in the prestigious Mary Lilly Society brings caring people together to touch the lives of others.

There are many ways to participate in planned gifts that support our mission. A bequest, or provision in your will A life-income gift, such as a gift annuity or charitable trust, that provides income during your lifetime

A beneficiary designation of a qualified retirement plan or IRA A beneficiary designation of an insurance policy. For more information, visit our page Planning  or contact Kristen Jones at (440) 284-9204 or use our online contact form  for confidential information personalized to fit your needs.